Posted by: skipper09 | December 10, 2012

Christmas and Friendship

We have a couple we met in New Bern about 4 years ago and they have become our friends. We were sitting at the kitchen table in their home one night and I realized that I wanted them to be able to meet some of the friends that we have met because of a common love of boating and or visiting on the docks. I asked, “Can I have a party at your house so that I can introduce you to some of our friends?” ( I know for someone that does not borrow things I was pretty bold) Our friends live in a Historical Home in the heart of New Bern. I told Ron this was what I wanted for Christmas to be able to introduce such special people to our boating friends.

I have a friend that I knew from the Kansas City area that now lives in Va Beach and she was able to come for the week-end of the party.  We had our shopping  lists and we had a time frame for getting the food ready. What wonderful help in the kitchen my friend was. I could walk around and visit with our guests and see what was needed where. Sharing special memories makes the holidays special; I feel closer to friends when we have shared memories.

Thank-you does not seem to be enough when someone opens their home for a holiday celebration. Knowing that everyone felt the special feeling that one does when walking through a house built in the 1700s was a gift in itself. We say thank-you Alma and Ed, you are both very special!

House built in 1700s

House built in 1700s


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