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Christmas and Friendship

We have a couple we met in New Bern about 4 years ago and they have become our friends. We were sitting at the kitchen table in their home one night and I realized that I wanted them to be able to meet some of the friends that we have met because of a common love of boating and or visiting on the docks. I asked, “Can I have a party at your house so that I can introduce you to some of our friends?” ( I know for someone that does not borrow things I was pretty bold) Our friends live in a Historical Home in the heart of New Bern. I told Ron this was what I wanted for Christmas to be able to introduce such special people to our boating friends.

I have a friend that I knew from the Kansas City area that now lives in Va Beach and she was able to come for the week-end of the party.  We had our shopping  lists and we had a time frame for getting the food ready. What wonderful help in the kitchen my friend was. I could walk around and visit with our guests and see what was needed where. Sharing special memories makes the holidays special; I feel closer to friends when we have shared memories.

Thank-you does not seem to be enough when someone opens their home for a holiday celebration. Knowing that everyone felt the special feeling that one does when walking through a house built in the 1700s was a gift in itself. We say thank-you Alma and Ed, you are both very special!

House built in 1700s

House built in 1700s

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Our Freedom

Our freedom

A high price

A price that changes people forever

A price that pierces a mother’s heart

A price that makes sleepless nights for fathers

A price that makes children fatherless

A price that makes single mom’s or dad’s

Never do I want to take for granted that High Price


One of the freedom’s is the right to vote. I think we will all be happy when this election is over and we can grow as a nation. I say no matter who is in office I am still so grateful to be a citizen of our country and enjoy the freedoms we have.

Wars that have been fought for our freedom.

  1. The American Revolution : From 1775 to 1782, the Americans faced off against the largest empire in the world. Led by General Washington they won.
  2. The war of 1812 : Some call it the Second War of Independence, for when it ended and the US had fought Great Britain to a stalemate, America’s independence was assured.
  3. Mexican American War
  4. The Civil War : It was America’s bloodiest war as brother fought brother.
  5. The Spanish American War
  6. World War I
  7. World War II
  8. Koeran War : Some call it the forgotten war, but for two years America fought a full fledged war to keep South Korea free
  9. Vietnam War : It was the longest war that the United States fought and the only one that the United States lost.
  10. Desert Storm
  11. Operation Enduring Freedom : War came to America on September 11th 2001 with an attack on NY and Washington.
  12. Iriqi Freedom : On March 19th 2003 the United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein.  US troops continue to fight an insurgency there

For all of our heros that have made our freedom possible we say thank-you!


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I was able to go visit Kari and her family in the Marquette, Mi area. Justin is with the Air Force and they will be stationed there at least for the next three years. When I left to come back home to NC the temperature in Mi. was 23 degrees…. and they are not really into winter yet.

Kari is homeschooling the children so we were busy each day with learning and playing. All week we talked about and were planning our Fall party. During our party on Sunday afternoon we had a fishing booth, cake walk, coin toss, and a pinata. We had fun! The children were dressed in their costumes; Jordynn (10) was Meg from “Little Women”, Hunter (almost 8) was Iron Man, Koen (4) was a pirate and Gideon a cowboy. I was the little old woman that lived in a shoe. I was playing games with the kids with a smile on my face knowing that these times are really too short. Jordynn, Kari’s oldest and only daughter helped plan and put together the party.

While I was gone  Ron had gone to visit Katie and her family in San Diego for 5 days. Ron loved being able to visit with Katie and her family, the time was too short!  Arriving home late Friday night Ron knew  that the storm ” Sandy” was passing us on the East Coast and he had to prepare Pale Moon for the storm, “batten down” as a boater would say.  Ron had to double up lines, put out extra fenders, turn off and unplug the electric power, shut all the thru hulls, and take down the upper helm bimni…. he was taking care of all of this in the rain and wind. While taking care of the boat Ron was grateful because he knew that having a storm pass and having wind, rain and a surge was much different than having a direct hit from the hurricane. Pale Moon dodged another bullet.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the people that have been affected north of us by the storm. We have once again learned the lesson that life truly is about  relationships and people.

The small town where Kari and Justin live is Ishpeming, Mi. about 25 minutes drive from where Justin works. Ishpeming is considered the birthplace of organized skiing in the United States and is the home to the National Ski Hall of Fame. The Upper Peninsula contains 29% of the land area of Michigan but just 3% of its total population. Residents are frequently called Yoopers (derived from “U.P.-ers”) and they have a strong regional identity. What a beautiful place to visit in the summer and take the kids camping! Another trip another time.

When I blog sometimes I wonder what to say, I sometimes want to say something that will make someone think about how they are living their life. Sometimes when I blog I just want to say words that let family and friends get a peek into our life here on Pale Moon because that makes me feel closer to all of you when you have an idea of what our life is like. Sometimes when I blog I just want to post some pictures and let the pictures do the talking so that is what I will do.

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Trip South

We have some friends that live on their boat (yacht) in Southport, NC. They are planning a trip to Florida via boat the last part of October and stay the winter. We left the dock at Fairfield Harbor in New Bern and headed south on Pale Moon so that we could spend a few days with them before they headed south. Our first stop was in Oriental where the town boasts of a population of sail boats of over 3,000. This quaint town is always one of my favorite places as I have said often I like to take pictures of the shrimp boats. Now that we have traveled these waters in NC for a few years and go in and out of the same towns I am challenged to find different ways of taking pictures of some of the same sites.

One of the things we see in the waters and were able to see most every day on the trip was dolphin. We can see the dolphin every day more than once a day and these dolphin sightings never get old. We docked in Swansboro the second night, this town is on the waterfront and is close to a Marine Corps base, Camp Lejeune. The townspeople are very friendly  and the local restaurants have good food with a water view. When we are traveling south from Swansboro we have to be aware that there might be a hold up on the ICW if there are maneuvers being practiced on one of Camp Lejeune’s 54 live-fire ranges. We got lucky and traveled through without a hitch. The second night we stayed at Wrightsville Beach, until World War I, Wrightsville Beach was a summer retreat, accessabile only by boat or train. Today the small island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Going into the Wrightsville Beach area one can see that there is alot of boat traffic. One of the places people like to visit are the Arlie Gardens. There is a 450-year-old Arlie Oak on the grounds. A link to the gardens is

Arriving in Southport there was  a fishing tournament going on and we knew we wanted to get tied up to the dock and get out-of-the-way of the fishing boats coming and going. Southport is a place to catch a ferry to Fort Fisher or Bald Head Island. The Atlantic Ocean rolls in to Cape Fear which helps the North Carolina coast earn the nickname “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

Our afternoon was filled listening to our friend the “Rev” singing in the park. Dan volunteered to be part of the entertainment that was helping raise funds for the United Way. We walked to the Fishy FIshy Cafe later that evening talked and got caught up on our conversations. After staying in Southport a couple of days we started back to our home port of New Bern.

We passed many sail and power boats heading south for the winter and we were heading back to NC. The slow pace that we travel allows us to see so much of God’s beautiful nature. There were mornings that we had to put on a cozy hat and scarf but usually by mid-day we were basking in the sun again. How blessed we know we are to have this opportunity to travel and enjoy a view-point of the world from the water.

The wind was at our nose coming back up Adam’s Creek. We were not traveling very fast. Ron told me to get my lines and fenders ready before we got into the Neuse River as the wind had picked up and the crossing could be a little rough. Crossing the Neuse back to Oriental the winds were around 25 mph. It was not the speed of the wind that bothered us as much as the direction of the wind. we were tacking across the Neuse trying to put the bow of the boat into the waves so that Pale Moon would not be rolling side to side. We finally got across the 3 miles and turned and the wind was on our stern we then were able to get the push we needed to get into Oriental Harbor. Pale Moon is like the “Little Tug” she is just slow and steady.

What fun we had going South a place we have not gone to since we brought Pale Moon up from Florida. Making memories to talk about someday when we are older and more grey.

Thanks for coming along with us.

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Oriental, NC

One morning we got up and it was so beautiful outside with the onset of the cooler fall weather that we decided to take a day trip to Oriental on Pale Moon. By boat Oriental is about a 3 hour trip in our little turtle trawler. By car when we go to Oriental we can drive there in 30 minutes. By the time we got to Oriental we decided that we were not ready to go back to New Bern so we docked there for two nights. We bought shrimp from the fresh fish market, went to the farmer’s market on Saturday, and went to the Bean for coffee and a bagel. Each year there is a chili cook-off that raises money for the local Old Theater. Mid morning on Saturday there were about 15 different people’s stations setting up for the chili cook-off. Winner of the people’s choice was Chili Smoker Mike Quinn, Director Of Brisket Acquisition Nancy Crain and Keeper of the Tums Supply Darrell Wiard. It was a chili that didn’t hide its meaty roots – plenty of beefy burnt brisket in every bite. The Judges award went to Oriental Restaurant and Marina, this chili was the winner for us as well. We felt as if we were on vacation all week-end before heading back to New Bern.

How to clean shrimp:

I get the fresh shrimp with the heads off and peel them. I remove the shell and the black vein that runs across the back of prawn and shrimp before cooking. I rinse the shrimp, place in foil sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning, add a few pads of REAL butter and then place on the bar-b-que for 10-12-15 min. ( Our grill is not too hot on Pale Moon) cook until the shrimp is pink.

About 45 min to an hour before I  started the shrimp I put some peeled and cut potatoes on the grill with seasoning wrapped in foil and cooked them until tender.

We miss all of our family and friends. We are so enjoying the beautiful Fall weather.

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Afternoon Drive

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We have a loner car to drive as the car we are driving is in the shop getting the air conditioner worked on. We have been wanting to go to the Bennett Vineyards which is about a 30 minute drive from where we have Pale Moon so we were on the road putting miles on the loaner car.

The Bennett Vineyards harvest over 130 tons of grapes at the vineyard. Before Pocahontas, John Smith and the Jamestown Colony, before Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims, the settlers of Sir Walter Raleigh’s colony at Roanoke, the people of North Carolina were enjoying wine, the first American wine, made from muscadine and scuppernong grapes which grew in abundance all around here.

The drive from New Bern to the Vineyard is beautiful, I am always amazed at the small quaint towns that are in many of the off the grid places.

These are a few of the pictures I took on our trip over Labor Day week-end with Pale Moon to Oriental, N.C.  and some pictures of our road trip in the loaner car today.

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This summer cruising season we have taken Pale Moon on multiple day trips on the Neuse River here in the New Bern area. We did take off for a couple of weeks and took Pale Moon to the Oriental, NC area and stayed at one of our favorite marinas; River Dunes. The time we spend at River Dunes is always very relaxing. We are able to use the amenities of the Yacht Club. River Dunes has a first class restaurant, a swimming pool, cabanas for reading and relaxing and we can’t forget Ron’s favorite the steam shower. After the relaxing week at River Dunes we went to Beaufort, NC. Beaufort is probably one of the nicest of North Carolina’s coastal towns.  Beaufort has an attractive waterfront that’s particularly lively at night. Beaufort is home to the North Carolina Maritime Museum and its Queen Anne Revenge artifacts from Blackbeard’s ship which sunk off the Beaufort Inlet. We enjoy getting in our dinghy and going up Taylor Creek hoping to see some of the wild ponies. We enjoy the salt air and we did see about six wild ponies and horses that make their home on Carrot Island. Beaufort is the 3rd oldest town in NC. Beaufort was voted the “Coolest Small Town” for 2012.

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God’s Providence of Timing

In March when we were traveling through the Kansas City area I was able to see my friend Jean. Jean talked to me about retiring from Little Treasures sometime this summer. (of 2012) At that time I did not think too much about returning to Olathe anytime soon as Ron and I had just traveled that road on our way to NC this past March. It was two or three conversations later with Jean that I knew that I needed to just bite the bullet buy a plane ticket and go and honor her work and years of dedication to Little Treasures Child Care.

For those that don’t know me before my boating life I was a Preschool Teacher and was the Director of Little Treasures Child Care in Olathe, Kansas. Little Treasures was started in my home on 134th street in Olathe in 1987. One day standing at the sink while washing dishes with my eyes open I said, “Lord if you want me to continue this (working with kids) I need help.” I finished up the dishes and went about my day. The next morning I was getting ready to get the kids off to school and about 7:30 a.m. the phone rang; on the other end was my friend Jean. Jean and I had worked together at two other different Child Care Centers. Jean said, “do you need some help in your home with the kids?” I laughed, she was my answer to a prayer that I said out-loud with my eyes open. From that day of asking if I needed help until this week of Aug. 2012 Jean has been faithful and loyal to carry on the torch of taking care of children. Jean has taken care of two generations of children.

Little Treasures was donated by our family to Indian Creek Community Church in Jan. of 1992. I knew that I did not want to be in the child care business forever but I did know that there was a need for quality safe child care in the area. I knew that I wanted to teach my own children and grandchildren that there was a bigger picture and that God had a plan for Little Treasures that was much bigger than our family. I know that God asked me to donate the business to the church. I am grateful that many of the staff that worked at LT is still there since I worked at Little Treasures. I think if we looked into it working at the same child care for 20 years and many staff that works there for 14 plus years may be a record in the child care industry for having staff members for that length of time. This longevity of staff working there says much for the Director, Lesta.

The week-end in Kansas City was full of touching base with friends that I have known since I was 25. I was able to see Katie, our first baby enrolled after we moved into the church building with Little Treasures. Katie is 15 now. Jessica is truly our first baby that we cared for at Little Treasures. I still am able to stay in touch with Jessica and her family they are a special family to me!

The morning of Aug 4th was a walk / run “Stand For Spencer”. Spencer died protecting our country in Aug of 2011. Spencer was one of our children at Little Treasures. I had not been able to see, get and give his parents, Megan and Dale a hug since Spencer’s death. On the same day that the retirement party was held for Jean in the afternoon that morning was the walk for Spencer. God’s providence of timing is something I can lean into and I smile knowing that both events were important to me and I was able to be there for both.

I am so grateful and humbled to have been a small part of a bigger picture. I am grateful that my daughter and her family were at church to hear that Little Treasures was donated to Indian Creek and that our family is part of that legacy. To each of you that I was able to see and hug I thank-you for your love. I have struggled much of my life to believe that I am lovable. All of my friends and the children help me know about God’s love by being human arms of love. I love each and every one of you. There is never enough time visiting, if I missed you that does not mean you are any less important. I love you!


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Bringing the Heat from Kansas

Jodie, her two children, Jacob (10) and Kacie (7) along with her mother-in-law, Jan came to visit with us here in NC for five days. Ron and I had been looking forward to showing off the area around New Bern and a little of what life is like on Pale Moon. Well as it turned out Ron was not able to be here as his Uncle Don had a heart attack that was serious enough that we both knew that he needed to go visit him in Calif. Although Ron was not here I was excited about having Jodie and her family come and visit. (FYI Uncle Don is recovering and doing much better)

I had gone shopping for some groceries and was driving around the area looking for some fresh shrimp so that I could make a shrimp boil so I was getting back later to the condo than I had expected. I called Jodie and asked her if she had encountered any rain coming through Kinston. Jodie said not any rain their way but that they were about 45 minutes out. I stopped by to pick up the keys to the condo, the heat was sitting on top of me, it was so hot it seemed hard to breathe. Rain drops started and the combination of heat and rain brought steam up from the pavement. With the keys in my hand I went to the condo and under the cover of the overhangs I was able to get the groceries unloaded into the kitchen. Jodie called, I gave her driving instructions to the condo and we were able to get their luggage into the condo before the storm started full of force. Jan looked out the patio window and saw the sail boats rocking back and forth. There was a scurrying below of boaters on the dock trying to secure their lines on their boats. Ron had doubled up the lines on Pale Moon for me before leaving on his trip to Calif. Jodie, Jan, the kids and I had just come back from checking on Coco and the boat so we knew that there was not anything we could do but wait the storm out. The wind was gusting upwards to 70 mph during the storm. The electric went out for a period of time and I am sure that Kacie and Jacob were thinking , “oh, great”.

We had planned on taking the kids swimming at the rec center but the storm changed our plans. One of the things I have learned is that life can change in a moment and that change is so much a part of life. God’s timing is not always mine but I cannot let the changes that take place steal my joy.

I so enjoyed the time Jodie and her family were able to spend with me. The memories of showing them places that they were seeing for the first time. We planned two days of going to the beach. Going to the beach helped beat the heat we were having but it is also one of Jodie’s favorite places to go. We visited Fort Macon. Fort Macon is located at the eastern end of Bogue Banks, one of a series of barrier islands along the North Carolina coast. The park is surrounded on three sides by water—the Atlantic Ocean, Beaufort Inlet and Bogue Sound. One day we took the car on the Ferry, went to Beaufort and visited the Maritime Museum. In Beaufort we shopped and ate on the waterfront trying to see the wild ponies and maby a dolphin or two. No such luck on that day, no dolphin sightings.

We visited Tyron Palace on July 4th and listened to the Declaration of Independence being read. Our Fourth was so hot it was hard to listen to the Declaration. The drums played, we walked around the outside gardens and we wiped the sweat out of our eyes. Any make-up we had applied that morning ended up on a paper towel. Later on the fourth we were able to go to some friend’s home, fellow boaters and they took us out for a sail on the Neuse River. I was grateful and happy that our friends had recognized that since Ron was in Calif that I could not take Pale Moon out on the water. The evening sailing, having a cook-out and watching the fireworks over the Neuse was a great ending to a great week. Thanks so much Kathleen and Spencer for being so thoughtful!

Thank-you Jan for taking the time out of your schedule to come, driving across country with Jodie and the kids. I so enjoyed each day with all of you Jodie. Jacob and Kacie I am grateful that you were able to spend time with me, we made memories and you were able to spend the night on Pale Moon.

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Gwen’s Visit 2012

Sometimes the first time a visit takes place after an event like a death, the visit can be hard or it can be comforting. We were comforted to have Gwen come visit; Ron’s younger sister came to visit us and see the East Coast for the first time. (Ron and Gwen’s mother died Jan 2012)

When Gwen came to town; the next day we left for the Southport, NC. We wanted to take Gwen to listen to a friend play music on Oak Island. We spent part of the afternoon and walked around Southport. There is activity going on in Southport as this small town is a place where you don’t need to be surprised if one day while walking down the sidewalk you pass a place where movies have been filmed. Southport, North Carolina is a very popular place for movies.  A few movies  but not limited to movies filmed in Southport, NC include Firestarter (1984), Crimes of The Heart (1987), Weekend at Bernies (1989), Amos and Andrew (1993), Inkwell (1994), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), Night Flier (1997), Domestic Disturbance (2001), Summer Catch (2001) and A Walk To Remember (2002). One of Nicholas Sparks latest books is going to be made into a movie this summer of 2012.

Before leaving the Southport area we took the ferry and visited Bald-Head Island. Old Baldy; North Carolina’s oldest standing lighthouse built in 1817 is still standing proud. Bald-Head has many of the same things that an up-scale resort would have but the things that are the most wonderful is the pristine setting. The island is only accessible by boat or ferry. The local transportation is bicycle or golf cart. Having or not having a cell signal does not really seem to matter. What  I find most intriguing are the environmental aspects of the island. The Bald Head Island Conservancy has been established to manage the many acres of untouched land – mostly beach, forest, salt marshes and tidal creeks.  It also manages sea turtle protection programs – the island is one of the East Coast’s most prevalent spots for nesting loggerheads. Conservancy staff guide tours out to the nests, demonstrate how they are protected, and offer viewing of hatching and nesting. Gwen, Ron and I were able to walk along the beach and show Gwen her first real sight of the Atlantic Ocean, we looked at the many jelly fish that had washed up on shore, we hunted for shells and enjoyed the afternoon sun.

We took Gwen on a boat trip from New Bern to River Dunes and we showed Gwen the shrimp boats in Oriental.( you know one of my favorite things) After our boat trip to River Dunes over a few days we then took a day to enjoy and show off New Bern. We visited many of the sights that New Bern has to offer. New Bern is the birth-place of Pepsi, we saw a church that George Washington had visited and a home where George had slept.

The week fairly flew. I am not sure but I think that Gwen enjoyed being out on the water on “Pale Moon” even a little more than she had expected. Thanks for coming and sharing our world Gwen, it was grand!

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